Madelyn Hoffman supports improved and expanded Medicare for All, as a human right all across New Jersey.

The lack of universal healthcare is currently hurting families all around New Jersey in the most vulnerable of times. We don’t need health systems influenced by corporate interests. We need healthcare that actually is healthcare! We need families to be caring about their families during times of need and not burdened by the outrageous cost of healthcare. Medicare for All is a great start, but Madelyn agrees that it must be improved and expanded. 

Our recent experience as a state handling and distributing vaccinations for COVID-19 has shown us that it is possible to provide health services to all without a fee. Imagine if all health services could be handled in that manner. 

And how are we going to pay for it?

New Jersey wastes significant amounts of money on policing. While bringing the state closer to social justice by defunding the police, more funds are left for other more important things. Additionally, the Green New Deal will revitalize New Jersey’s economy to generate more revenue for the public good than ever before.

Madelyn supports single-payer universal health care and preventive care for all. We believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Our current healthcare system lets tens of thousands of people die each year by excluding them from adequate care, while its exorbitant costs are crippling our economy. The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without a national health care system.

Under a universal, comprehensive, national single-payer health care system, the administrative waste of private insurance corporations would be redirected to patient care. If New Jersey were to shift to a system of universal coverage and a single payer plan, as in Canada and many European countries, the savings in administrative costs would be more than enough to offset the cost of additional care. Expenses for businesses currently providing coverage would be reduced, while state and local governments would pay less because they would receive reimbursement for services provided to the previously uninsured, and because public programs would cease to be the “dumping ground” for high-risk patients and those rejected by health maintenance organizations (HMOs) when they become disabled and unemployed. In addition, people would gain the peace of mind in knowing that they have health care they need. No longer would people have to worry about the prospect of financial ruin if they become seriously ill, are laid off their jobs, or are injured in an accident.

Madelyn supports a wide range of health care services, including conventional medicine, as well as the teaching, funding and practice of complementary, integrative and licensed alternative health care approaches.

Greens recognize that our own health is also intimately tied to the health of our communities and environment. To improve our own health, we must improve the quality of our air, water and food and the health of our workplaces, homes and schools.

Madelyn unequivocally supports a woman’s right to reproductive choice, no matter her marital status or age, and that contraception and safe, legal abortion procedures be available on demand and be included in all health insurance coverage in the New Jersey, as well as free of charge where a woman’s income falls below the poverty level.

Madelyn also supports gender diversity, and supports making access to LGBTQ+ health and resources more widely available, with an emphasis on autonomy and mental health.

Single-Payer Health Care

Enact a universal, comprehensive, statewide single-payer health plan that will provide the following with no increase in cost:

  1. Participation of all licensed and/or certified health providers, subject to standards of practice in their field, with the freedom of patients to choose the type of health care provider from a wide range of health care choices, and with decision-making in the hands of patients and their health providers, not insurance companies;
  2. A publicly funded health care insurance program, administered at the local levels, with comprehensive lifetime benefits, including dental, vision, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, medication coverage, and hospice and long-term care;
  3. Portability of coverage regardless of geographical location or employment;
  4. Cost controls via streamlined administration, national fee schedules, bulk purchases of drugs and medical equipment, coordination of capital expenditures and publicly negotiated prices of medications;
  5. Primary and preventive care as priorities, including wellness education about diet, nutrition and exercise; holistic health; and medical marijuana.
  6. More comprehensive services for those who have special needs, including the mentally ill, the differently abled and those who are terminally ill;
  7. A mental health care system that safeguards human dignity, respects individual autonomy, and protects informed consent;
  8. Greatly reduced paperwork for both patients and providers;
  9. Fair and full reimbursement to providers for their services;
  10. Hospitals that can afford safe and adequate staffing levels of registered nurses; and
  11. Establishment of state and local health policy boards consisting of health consumers and providers to oversee and evaluate the performance of the system, ensure access to care, and help determine research priorities.
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