Madelyn Hoffman supports free and public education. She supports teachers and students alike. With an influx of resources and funding, Madelyn hopes that better education in the state will help her administration achieve a vision of social and political justice. And as a professor herself, she has a background to speak on the issue.

  1. Madelyn supports the elimination of public funding of charter schools via state legislation.
    1. Charter schools hurt the quality of public education in New Jersey’s most vulnerable communities, while shutting the most vulnerable of those communities out from quality education.
    2. Charters schools reinforce the inequality in educational opportunities. 
  2. Madelyn supports universal pre schooling in every school district in the state.
  3. Madelyn supports tuition-free public college and university for all New Jersey students looking to attain a degree along with total, not token, forgiveness of student debt.
  4. Madelyn supports the thoughtful consolidation of school districts into county districts to help spread the wealth, consolidate the resources of, and uplift and empower students from poor performing school districts to succeed. (I want to ask others about this, too.)
  5. Madelyn supports teacher’s unions and their rights to organize, demand fair contracts. She will do everything in her power to secure the financial stability of teacher pensions in the state. 
  6. Madelyn supports expanding civics education well versed in state politics in order to prepare our youth to vote smarter and younger. Because she supports lowering the voting age to 16, this kind of improvement in education would be necessary to prepare students for understanding the effects of their vote and the need for activism as another way to affect change. 
    1. Additionally, she supports making civics education a high school graduation requirement in the state curriculum, and making programs to
    2. educate older generations about New Jersey’s political system.
  7. As part of Madelyn’s social justice plan, she calls for police-free school zones, and an influx of resources toward counselling and hiring school psychologists.
    1. New Jersey school settings should feel less like prisons and more like safe spaces to learn and grow.
  8. Madelyn supports expanding the history curriculum to better include Black, Indigenous, and Queer folks from New Jersey.
  9. Madelyn wholeheartedly supports transgender students in the state and their right to physical education in a setting that makes them feel safe. She will invite transgender students to help her administration support those youth. She also supports giving grant money to schools to create gender inclusive restrooms in schools.

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