Statement on Cannabis Gifting Desist Letters:

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal recently issued a warning to cannabis “gifting” companies to desist operations or face prosecution. We think the person who needs to desist is Grewal, desist in arresting people for selling a plant that NJ residents voted 2:1 to legalize. The Attorney General claims these companies are undermining confidence in the legal market, but there is no legal market yet. When there is one it will be corporate conglomerates dominating the market, and the little guys will be frozen out. The people who have been distributing medicine to people for years are being excluded now that corporations see the profit in it. For all their talk of social justice, it seems like Murphy and Grewal are more interested in protecting companies’ bottom lines than protecting residents from unfair arrest. 

Cannabis prohibition is based on a history of racism in this county, and we still see Black and Brown people being arrested at a higher percentage than white people. It’s time to desist with the arrests and the racism. Let the people grow cannabis, and let people who have been supplying the market for years continue to do so. We didn’t just vote for dry and over processed corporate cannabis. We voted to legalize all cannabis, but especially the high quality cannabis from local Jersey people we have come to know and love. 

Madelyn Hoffman

Candidate for Governor of NJ

Green Party

Heather Warburton

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of NJ

Green Party