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"There is no time to Wait."

Madelyn Hoffman for Economic Justice

Madelyn Hoffman stands for the people of New Jersey and clearly understands their need to be of service at any difficult moment of their lives. To help our residents recover from the effects of the pandemic and make New Jersey the place where the American dream becomes a reality, Madelyn is implementing the following initiatives that can improve ordinary families’ financial situation.

Support Unemployment

The global pandemic has left many New Jerseyans out of work, leading to a rising unemployment range and a general well-being decline. To provide families with the financial relief they need, Madelyn proposes to enforce eviction laws, freeze all mortgages and rents, and revamp the unemployment insurance system.

Provide a Universal Basic Income

Madelyn strongly believes that all people deserve a roof over their heads, good food, the clothes and shoes to wear, and other basic essentials. Receiving a legally stipulated and equally set financial grant will help to beat poverty and provide the necessary support to families affected by the pandemic. Having a stable source of income will also allow those who are struggling to make ends meet to count on additional financial support from lending companies.

Additional Financial Support Services

As any of us can get into an emergency and face some money problems regardless of status or income, Madelyn calls for the development of lending services that can provide people in need with instant financial assistance. New funding opportunities allow New Jerseyans to solve their problems fast without hurting their credit scores.

Loan Requirements’ Loyalty

In our modern reality, where thousands of people were left out of work due to the pandemic, many New Jerseyans may face some issues with paying their bills and debts. As a result, payment delays may affect their credit score range and deprive them of a chance to get financial support. To help our residents get back on their feet, we need to relax the minimum credit score requirements and allow people with any credit receive the necessary financial assistance.

Create Good Jobs

Every New Jersey worker willing and able to work must have a unionized, well-paying job through the state. We must pay attention to safety and do our best to provide good working conditions for everyone.